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11 Jun

Peter Loewen Writes about Doug Ford’s Victory in the Washington Post

June 11, 2018 | By |

Did Canada just elect a ‘Trump light’? Not exactly writes the SPPG Director.

Peter Loewen followed up on the Ontario election and the subsequent Conservative majority. While the win appeared to be part of a world-wide populist movement, Loewen argues that there are differences between Trump-style politics and Doug  Ford’s popularity.

“Doug Ford is an unconventional politician, but he is not entirely apart from the current form of Canadian conservatism. This ideology has distinct populist tinges. It is generally distrustful of elites and experts. It puts little stock in the media and journalistic criticism. It is not given over to market fundamentalism, though it is distinctly pro-free trade. What it is not, at its core, is anti-immigration.”

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