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01 Jan

James Pesando

January 1, 1927 | By |


James E. Pesando is Professor of Economics with the Department of Economics. His research fields include Macroeconomics and Financial Economics.

Professor Pesando continues his long-standing research programme on the economics of public and private pension plans. For the C.D. Howe Research Institute, he has recently completed a study entitled: “The Bearing of Investment Risk in Defined Benefit Pension Plans.” With colleagues at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Review Board, he is working on a study entitled: “The Canada Pension Plan: Fair Value?”

Professor Pesando holds a B.A. from Harvard University, an M.A. from University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.
Investing in Art: A Cautionary Tale in the Journal of Wealth Management with Pauline Shum

The Auction Market for Modern Prints: Confirmations, Contradictions, and New Puzzles within the Economic Inquiry

The Law of One Price, Noise and ‘Irrational Exuberance’: The Auction Market for Picasso Prints in the Journal of Cultural Economics.

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