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08 Oct

Data Visualization: Unlock the Power of Data

October 8, 2000 | By |

Visualization serves as an effective bridge to communicate complex data and analysis through using an accessible common language. Data has the potential to inform public opinion, executive decision-making and influence public policy, and when visualized with appropriate context, data can be turned into insight that can facilitate meaningful change.

In this 3-hour intensive introduction to data visualization, participants learn to prep and clean data, accurately perform data analysis and create visualizations, dashboards/ storyboards using data visualization software.

This workshop was last offered on November 16, 2017.

Pre-requisite for registration: Computer literacy skills and proficiency for basic work with data in MS Excel.

– Registrants are to bring their own laptops.
– Tableau (sample) software must be be pre-installed on all participants’ laptops.


Matthias Oschinski & Hanna Zaidi