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MPP Courses

MPP Core & Elective Courses

MPP students study a core curriculum to give them a foundational knowledge in quantitative and qualitative analysis, governance, the policy process, comparative analysis, and policy implementation. The core curriculum also includes a summer internship in a professional environment.
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Fall 2018 MPP2 Timetable
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Winter 2019 MPP2 Timetable

1st Year Core Courses

PPG1000H: Governance and Institutions
This course is intended to provide foundational knowledge of key governance structures and political institutions at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels in Canada.
PPG1001H: The Policy Process
This core course in the MPP program aims to help students understand the connection between politics and public policy by making sense of the political environment in which policy decisions are made, and the political forces at work throughout the policy process.
PPG1002H: Microeconomics for Policy Analysis
This is a course in microeconomic theory for students in the MPP programme at the School of Public Policy and Governance.
PPG1003H: Macroeconomics for Policy Analysis
The purpose of this course is to give MPP students a non-technical and broad-based understanding of macroeconomics and the tools of macroeconomic policy analysis.
PPG1004H: Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
The central objective of this course is to equip students with the tools necessary to tackle issues that involve the empirical analysis of public policy problems of the sort they might encounter in a professional environment.
PPG1005H: The Social Context of Policy-Making
This course examines the social and political context of policymaking – that is, how social and political institutions and actors shape policies, and why do policies end up looking the way they do (i.e., their intended or unintended social and political outcomes).
PPG1007H: Putting Policy into Action: Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives
This is a foundational course in professional policy practice. It is interdisciplinary, drawing on key concepts from science, social science, business and public administration as well as the world of the policy practitioner.
PPG1008H: Program Evaluation for Public Policy
This course will introduce students to both quantitative and qualitative methods in program evaluation for public policy.
PPG2006Y: The PPG Internship
Students are required to complete a policy internship between the first and second year of study, or as otherwise tailored to meet the needs of the student and of the placement setting

2nd Year Core Courses

PPG2001H: Integrating Seminar: Legal Analysis in Public Policy
Students can choose one of several legal integrating seminars on different subjects.
PPG2002H: Integrating Seminar: Applied Economics
Students can chose from the following seminars on applied economics.
PPG2003H: Integrating Seminar: Capstone Course: A Canadian Priorities Agenda: Process, Criteria, Choices   This course is intended to draw on the skills, analytic approaches, and policy knowledge that students have acquired over the course of the MPP program and to bring them to bear on the development of a coherent policy agenda for the current Canadian context.
PPG2008H: Comparative Public Policy
This course is designed to expose MPP students to the scholarly literature on public policy across a wide range of countries.
PPG2011H: Ethics and the Public Interest
Students are to select one of PPG2011H or PPG2022H. The PPG2011H course provides a range of frameworks, drawn from a variety of cultural perspectives, for analyzing and managing the complex ethical dilemmas that public officials confront.
PPG2022H: Moral Foundations of Public Policy
Students are to select one of PPG2011H or PPG2022H.
The PPG 2022H course will provide an overview of the central normative problems and situate debates about values in the context of concrete questions about public policy.
Password protected syllabi (archive)
Students in the MPP2 year will have been provided password details.

*Enrollment in Core PPG courses is not available for students outside of the MPP programme.

2nd Year Elective Courses

Students can pursue their specific policy interests through a selection of elective courses either at SPPG or through other departments at the University of Toronto.

PPG2010H: Panel Data Methods for Public Policy Analysis
The goal of this course is to introduce students to statistical methods for the analysis of panel large-scale data.
PPG2012H: Topics in Public Policy: Making an Impact from the Outside (Evergreen Experimental)
This limited-enrolment, six-week intensive course, delivered in partnership with Evergreen, exposes students to public policy making from the perspective of non-governmental organizations. More
PPG2013H: Regulatory Governance
The PPG2013H course provides students with an understanding of how renewable energy fits within the institutional and economic structure of energy policy, and its reliability. More
PPG2015H: Policy Development
This course is designed to expose students to the public policy development process.
PPG2017H: Urban Policy
The goal of PPG2017H is to unravel the various policy challenges and possibilities created by our increasingly urban world.
PPG2018H: The Role of Government
This course explores the complexity of current government policymaking in comparative perspective.
PPG2021H: Priority Topics in Public Administration
The PPG2021H course focuses on the practice of public policy and public administration.
LAW7030H (LAW281H1): Issues in Indigenous Law and Policy in Canada
A joint course of the Faculty of Law and School of Public Policy and Governance, LAW7030H will deal with selected issues in Indigenous law and policy in Canada.
HAD5778H: Comparative Health Systems and Policy
Each country’s health system and policies are largely shaped by historical, political, social and economic contexts.

Please note that elective courses are subject to change with each new academic year.

*SPPG’s Policy for Non-Departmental Enrollment in PPG Courses*
Non-departmental students may request enrollment in Elective PPG courses (not Core PPG courses).
If the elective course is not fully subscribed, enrollment requests may be submitted 4-weeks prior to the start of each term. Enrollment is at the discretion of the MPP Program Office and the course instructor. Once a non-departmental students has verified elective courses space availability, s/he may submit an SGS Add Drop Course Form listing the course(s) in which s/he would like to enroll by email

NB: SPPG does NOT permit for either core or elective courses to be audited.