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PPG2022H: Moral Foundations of Public Policy

MPP students are to complete either PPG2011H or PPG2022H.

Course Description

People working in the public sector think and act differently in their professional capacity from people in the private sector. As ministry officials, public servants and NGO workers, people are expected to act on wider social values, rather than their own narrow self-interest. Most people think that this is appropriate because the public sector is a special part of social life, a place where people serve an important function on behalf of the community as whole.

This course will reflect on various questions about the values and ideals that should guide individuals and agencies in the public sector. To help students think through these questions, they will engage with the very best thinking about the relevant issues from philosophers, economists, political scientists and policymakers.

The PPG 2022H course will provide an overview of the central normative problems and situate debates about values in the context of concrete questions about public policy. The course will pay special attention to the public-private distinction and to ethical questions surrounding public-private initiatives that look to involve private actors (e.g. consumers, businesses, and nonprofits) in advancing public aims.

Spring (2nd year)

J. Heath

Pre-requisite for enrollment: Successful completion of 3.5 MPP1 FCEs
Second year MPP students are required to register in either PPG2011H OR PPG2022H.