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PPG2021H: Priority Topics in Public Administration

Course Description

The PPG2021H course focuses on the practice of public policy and public administration – on getting things done in government, and implementing policy outside of it.

In PPG 2021 students will:

  • Examine different perspectives about how government should work and deliver services to citizens;
  • Talk about the disciplines of strategy, communications, issues management, regulation and implementing big political priorities;
  • Examine the complexity of work in the public sector by going behind the scenes of major public policy events and government change projects to examine the interplay between policy, strategy, communications, program delivery and building the right capacity to do these things well in government.

Common threads running through seminars from week to week will be the role of public sector leadership and the development of public sector capacity for policy and delivery, including interdisciplinary and cross-jurisdictional approaches to meeting major challenges in public administration and public policy.

Fall (2nd year)

Tony Dean