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01 Jan

Patricia Hughes

January 1, 1955

Sessional Lecturer


Patricia Hughes is the Founding Executive Director of the Law Commission of Ontario. She was the Executive Director from September 15, 2007 until her retirement from the LCO in December 2015.

Dr. Hughes served as a vice-chair of the Ontario Labour Relations Board and as alternate chair of the Ontario Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal. She supervised the LCO’s projects, including the project on vulnerable workers and precarious work, and has spoken and written on labour-related issues. Her academic career spans more than thirty-five years and she has taught at various Canadian universities. Dr. Hughes currently serves on the Board of the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice and sits on the Friends of the Community Legal Clinics.

Courses Taught
Integrating Seminar: Legal Analysis in Public Policy “The Law and Policy of Work in the New Economy”

Home Department
School of Public Policy & Governance

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