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Engage with leading policy scholars & experts

SPPG allows audiences to engage with leading policy scholars and practitioners through lectures, symposia, and conferences. SPPG’s flagship annual events are: The Peterson Leadership Lecture, The Cadario Visiting Faculty Lecture, and Big City, Big Ideas as well as many students-led events and many others.


Digital Government: what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next?

November 28, 2017Join us for this new event series on Digital Government. Read More

CUKC 2017 | Dilemmas of Democracy: Challenges to the International Order

November 18, 2017An annual event, The Canada-UK colloquium aims to increase knowledge and educate the public about the advantages to be drawn from a close and dynamic relationship between the two countries. Read More

Canada’s Policy Transformations

November 17, 2017A special symposium inviting experts from across Canada to trace the past, present, and future of Canadian policymaking. Read More

Professional Development: Data Visualization – Unlock the Power of Data

November 16, 2017In this 3-hour intensive introduction to data visualization, participants learn to prep and clean data, accurately perform data analysis and create visualizations, dashboards/ storyboards using data visualization software. Read More

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An Evening with Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Canada

Recently Katie Telford visited SPPG to to give a talk on: “Politics and Policy: the Best Job in Ottawa”. This was the first event of this year’s new Woman and Leadership series sponsored by the David Peterson Leadership Fund.


Photo of Katie Telford in Conversation on Stage at SPPG (Photo by Lisa Sakulensky)

Maclean’s magazine has called her the “most influential woman in Canadian politics”; Prime Minister Trudeau described her as “hard-working, tough, honest, and wicked smart”. In this standing room only event, Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister and top strategist, shared what it’s like to have the toughest – and best – job in Ottawa.

If you couldn’t attend in person, you can watch it now on demand now. Don’t miss her insights into politics and policy today – and her mission to get more women into positions of power.

Watch the Event Webcast

Past Events

Professional Education Courses: Change Management

November 15, 2017This course offers strategies for effectively leading and implementing change programs in the public sector. Read More

Professional Education Course: Data Analysis for Public Policy (Jan. 14)

November 15, 2017Evidence based policy making requires analysts to be able to manage, analyze and interpret large data sets. This course offers participants Microsoft Excel training to analyze data to support evidence-based policy decisions. Read More

Professional Education Course: Policy Implementation (Jan. 25)

November 15, 2017This course introduces participants to thinking in a critical, integrated way about how to deliver on public policy objectives in a dynamic political and stakeholder environment. Read More

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