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Engage with leading policy scholars & experts

The School allows audiences to engage with leading policy scholars and practitioners through lectures, symposia, and conferences. Flagship annual events are: The Peterson Leadership Lecture, The Cadario Visiting Faculty Lecture, and Big City, Big Ideas as well as many students-led events and many others.


2018 Cadario Lecture: Populism and the Future of Globalization – From the Rialto to Wall Street

April 5, 2018Event Update: Daniel Trefler to Replace Dani Rodrick for 2018 Cadario Lecture Read More

GDPP 2018 Conference: Talk is Cheap

April 6, 2018Join us for the Gender, Diversity and Public Policy Initiative's fourth annual conference on diversity and inclusion.  Read More

Policy innovation initiative Hackathon: Food for Thought

March 25, 2018Join us for the student-led Policy innovation initiative's annual hackathon on food security issues in an urban setting. Read More

Walter Gordon Symposium Keynote: The Ethics of Counting

March 22, 2018Come listen as Dr. Deborah Stone discusses the ethical issues that go way deeper than “how to lie with statistics.” Read More

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An Evening with Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Canada

Recently Katie Telford visited SPPG to to give a talk on: “Politics and Policy: the Best Job in Ottawa”. This was the first event of this year’s new Woman and Leadership series sponsored by the David Peterson Leadership Fund.


Photo of Katie Telford in Conversation on Stage at SPPG (Photo by Lisa Sakulensky)

Maclean’s magazine has called her the “most influential woman in Canadian politics”; Prime Minister Trudeau described her as “hard-working, tough, honest, and wicked smart”. In this standing room only event, Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister and top strategist, shared what it’s like to have the toughest – and best – job in Ottawa.

If you couldn’t attend in person, you can watch it now on demand now. Don’t miss her insights into politics and policy today – and her mission to get more women into positions of power.

Watch the Event Webcast

Past Events

Michael Wolff on Reporting from Inside the Trump White House

March 5, 2018Join us for a special event featuring this best-selling author and journalist. Read More

Have your say: open government, engagement, and policy-making

February 8, 2018A consultation with the Government of Canada's Open Government Team Read More

Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus on the Emerging Role of Social Businesses

January 29, 2018Join us for a discussion with Dr. Muhammad Yunus on how a new economic system can address systemic issues of inequality, unemployment, and environmental degradation in Canada and around the world. Read More

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