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  • Does The Global Financial System Work For Us?

    Does The Global Financial System Work For Us?
    April 2 Cadario lecture by Atif R. Mian, followed by a conversation with Amanda Lang

  • Looking to hone your policy skills?

    Looking to hone your policy skills?
    Check out our upcoming Executive Education sessions

    SPPG Nov 22, 2013
  • Want to hire an MPP Student or Grad?

    Want to hire an MPP Student or Grad?
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Walter Gordon Sympsium Series: Irony of the data age: the more we know, the less we trust

March 26, 2015SPPG Student Ainslee Beer and Marc Desormeaux argue that in the modern data-age, as Canadians are presented with conflicting information, they might trust less. Read More

Walter Gordon Sympsium Series: How complexity imperils faith in our public institutions

March 26, 2015Hugh Segal argues that the challenge of complexity is not to eliminate it, but to "reduce it, simplify it and manage it so that the complexity itself does not destroy the efficacy of public institutions". Read More

Why Choose SPPG?

At SPPG you will gain the knowledge and experience you need through our MPP Program to become a leader in addressing today’s complex policy problems. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto in close proximity to an extraordinary concentration of policy leaders, you will be in the center of a vibrant and engaged community and have constant access to the best minds in policy.


MPP Student Leadership Initiatives

Our MPP students are extremely active and engaged, and there are a variety of opportunities at the School of Public Policy and Governance to get involved, such as non-profit consulting, a peer-reviewed journal, a public affairs radio program. These initiatives allow students to develop their skills, contribute to the policy discourse, and expand their networks.


MPP Alumni

SPPG has over 200 alumni working as policy professionals across Canada and internationally. Our alumni are making impact in a diverse range of roles within the government, the broader public sector, the not-for-profit sector, and private organizations. Our powerful and active Alumni Network provides a valuable lifelong network of fellow graduates and public policy professionals.

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